You Always have Options

You will always have different options when you think you are stuck. That rings true especially when a situation arises and you feel the need to rush into buying or selling a home.

Years ago I received a telephone call from friend/client. I could tell she was panicked and asked her what was wrong. She stated  a balloon payment was due on her home loan and she needed to sell her house ASAP and buy a condo.  In despair she said “I can’t do this anymore!” so I said “Before we jump to conclusions let’s sit down and talk.” In this situation maybe another Realtor that needed the commission money and was not familiar with a client  would have been happy to conduct the sale and purchase.

I knew how much her home meant to her, so I sat down to dinner with my friend and we talked for a long time and realized that she did in fact have other options in her home. After all was said and done, she is still happily and joyfully living in her home, she never ended up having to move out.

The moral of this story is if you feel like you to don’t have any options call me,  I will open up new possibilities for you and help you make a good decision about how to move forward with a purchase or sale.

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